Automatic flexible system for filling CREAM AND PASTE into tubes

Monoblock – a reliable tube packaging system: orientation and placement of empty tubes + dosing of creamy and semi-solid products + closing (welding plastic – PE, or lacing metal – Al tubes)

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Monoblock for filling and closing PE/Al tubes 15-250ml

Monoblock is a compact, multipurpose carousel system made of stainless steel, for packing cosmetic, pharmaceutical, or food, cream and semi-solid products of different viscosity, in plastic or metal tubes of different sizes and shapes, with different types of closures. In the context of Industry 4.0, it has an online monitoring system for managing or adjusting the customer’s production parameters remotely. It is produced in the version OT.205 (semi-automatic, for young companies with smaller series) and OT.301 (fully automatic).

Omniprojekt je lider u regionu u proizvodnji monoblokova za pakovanje krema u tube u raznim granama industrije

Flexibility (quick and easy switching to another format)
Simplicity (to manage, clean and maintain)
Long service life (20 years on average)
Products that are packed:
Toothpaste, pharmaceutical ointments, denture adhesive cream, creams, gels, shampoos, hair dyes, glues, silicones, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, etc.
Tube materials:
Plastic, laminate, aluminum, aluminum-laminate, polyethylene, polyethylene-laminate, etc.
Tube shape:
Cylindrical (with Euro hole, with curved seam), oval, conical, mascara pens, cartridges, jars, etc.
Branches of industry:
Pharmacy, Food, Cosmetics, etc.
2.000 tubes/hr (version OT.301), and 1.000 tubes/hr (version OT.205)



The compact construction of the machine allows installation and operation in a room of smaller dimensions


Provided service and spare parts + remote control and interventions (during the entire working life)


For different types of packaging (made of glass or PVC), the change is made in 15-20 minutes

Key characteristics

PackagingØ 19-50 mm, 70-200 mmPVC or metal tubes
Number of tubes in the nest12 (OT205), or 14 (OT301)Simple and quick nest change
Placing tubesAutomatski (OT301), odnosno Ručno (OT205)Tube sockets are simply interchangeable parts – they are made according to any tube diameter
Product being packagedMost creamy/pasty products
Toothpaste, pharmaceutical ointments, creams, gels, shampoos, glues, silicones, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard
Capacity1.000 tubes/hr (OT205)
2.000 tubes/hr (OT301)
With high dosing precision
Dozing15-250 mlNumber of dosing tubes: 1 (OT205) or 2 (OT301)
Closing PVC tubesWelding + trimmingRotating and positioning according to the marker
Closing Al tubesPredpriprema + pertlovanjeRotating and positioning according to the marker
Control of the functionsWith built-in SIEMENS HMIManagement of the work process via PLC
Dimensions1.000 x 1.500 x 2.000 mm(without a transporter)
Maksimum kvaliteta i visoka tačnost – Najbolji materijali i robusne komponente
Servo tehnologija – visoka preciznost i ponovljivost doziranja
Intuitivni kontrol panel – jednostavna navigacija i rukovanje
Ugrađeni senzorski podsistemi – praćenje funkcija mašine
Minimalni zastoji u radu – dostupnost rezervnih delova, upravljanje mašinom na daljinu
Modularnost – brza i laka zamena delova prilikom prelaska na drugi format
Jednostavna konstrukcija – lako čišćenje ili promena formata
Tačno mehaničko i električno uputstvo + sertifikati materijala.

The machine has a Module for PE/PVC tubes (heating the top of the tube, welding and trimming) and a Module for Al tubes (pre-preparation and lacing). When the PVC/PE module is working, the Al module is passive and vice versa.

Special benefits for specific industries:

  1. Cosmetics: Possibility of different tube designs, no damage when dispensing high gloss tubes, wide range of closures
  2. Pharmacy: Compliant with GMP standard, code scanning, Validation documentation IQ and OQ
  3. Nutrition: Simple maintenance of prescribed cleanliness, food grade, possibility of packing products with small particles
  4. Toothpastes: Possibility of packaging high viscosity products, changing products for packaging in small batches

Usual monoblock contentCarousel with nests for step positioning

Carousel with nests for step positioning

The carousel has 10 nests, the rotation of the carousel from one working position to the next is electromotive, electronically regulated; Tube placement is done manually or automatically

Dosing with a linear servoactuator

Dose setting is done by electronic parameter setting, which ensures dosing accuracy, excellent dose reproducibility and high-quality filling of the tube.

Closing and trimming PE tubes

Special tool with el. heats the digestion zone with heaters; A filled tube with a heated tip comes to clamp and cool the tip; Finally, the top of the tube is trimmed just above the weld

Module for lacing aluminum tubes

The module consists of an assembly for lacing the top of the tube with an electric motor on the main drive and an assembly for height adjustment; Double lacing is done

Other standard elements of the monobloc are: Support structure, Transport system, Automatic orientation of the tube according to the marker, Remote support…

Compatible elements with the monobloc (optional) are: Format parts for another tube diameter, Chiller for cooling the welding machine, Inkjet printer…

© Monoblock for cannabis-based cosmetics in PVC tubes – Replek farm, Skopje, Sev. Macedonia
© Monoblock for filling and welding PVC tubes – Hamapharm, Zagreb, Croatia
© Monoblock for filling and lacing Al tubes
© Monoblock for filling and lacing Al tubes
© Monoblock for filling creams, sealing boxes and labeling
© Monoblock for filling creams, sealing boxes – Labah

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