AUTOMATIC LINES for packaging liquid forms

A reliable system of connected machines – washing machines, sterilization modules, fillers, setters, sealers and labelers that are connected by conveyors.

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Automatic filling, sealing and labeling of packaging 0.5L – 10L.

The automatic line is a system of connected machines made from stainless steel (washing machines, sterilization modules, fillers, setters, cappers and labelers) for packaging liquid and viscosious products in packaging of various sizes and shapes, with screw closures. Each of the individual machines is easy for integration in an already existing customers system or packaging line. In the context of industry 4.0, the automatic line posseses an online monitoring system for managing, or adjusting the customers production parameters remotely.

© Line for liquids with monobloc and labeling – Interpack Fair, Dusseldorf

Omniprojekt is the leader in the region in the production of highly productive automatic lines for almost all branches of industry!

© Line for motor oil – Modriča d.o.o. BiH
© Line for paint – Sika Srbija, Šimanovci
Flexibility (quick and easy switching to another format)
Stability ( high pecision and repeatability)
Adaptability (easy integration into the customer’s existing system)
Products that are packable.
Water, alcoholic beverages, honey, motor oils, antifreeze, motor grease, medical solutions, liquid fertilizers, construction additives, abrasive and aggressive liquids, etc.
Branches of industry.
Petrochemicals, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Food, Beverages, Construction and others.
4.000 bottles/hour



Progressive filling enables dosing without foaming, even at high flow rates


There is no operator contact with the product, actions that cause frequent accidents are eliminated


Linear design enables working with different products and small batches

Key Characteristics

The product being packagedMost liquid productsFrom low viscosity to high viscosity products
DozingVolumetric meters (a defined volume is achieved)Progressive raising and lowering of the dosing tubes
PackagingPVC or glass packaging from 0.5l – 10 lA suitable module is created for each type of packaging
ClosuresDifferent shapes and threadsThe shutter orientation, selection and placement system depends on the type
Installation of the shuttersPick-and-place (in passing)Transport, installation and closing
Closing the shuttersWith detection of the closing momentsVia power steering motor
Međuoperacijski transportConveyor beltsDrives the motor and inverter with adjustable speed
SyncronizationManagment of the work process via PLCIn order od achieving the maximum capacity of the line
Capacity4.000 bottles/hourWith high dosing precision
DimensionsMass 700-800 kg3.000 x 1.400 x 2.000 mm
Maximum quality and high accuracy – The best materials and built-in components
Overfilling system (overdosing is not possible)
Built-in SIEMENS HMI – process management via PLC
Built-in sensor subsystems – monitoring machine functions
Minimal downtime – availability of spare parts, remote control of the machine
Modularity – quick and easy replacement of parts when switching to another format
A wide selection of marking methods, or direct printing
Accurate mechanical and electrical instructions + material certificates.

  1. Modul za odbacivanje nekorektnih boca
  2. Maseni, ili magnetni merač – U osnovnoj verziji doziranje je klipnim pumpama, volumetrijski princip
  3. Sistem za težinsku kontrolu – meri praznu bocu na ulazu i napunjenu bocu na izlazu, sa povratnom spregom za korekciju doziranja (checkweighing)
  4. Inspekcijski sistem – za pravilno postavljanje zatvarača i inspekcija prisustva etikete i ispisa Ink Jet štampača (sa mehanizmom za odbacivanje nekorektnih boca)
  5. Monitoring sistem (online pristup kontrolnim sistemima mašine na daljinu)
  6. Integrisana stanica za etiketiranje
  7. Ink jet printer
  8. Stanica za ispiranje inertnim gasom
  9. Infeed sto – za autodopunu prazne amabalaže
  10. Sabirni sto – za gotov proizvod
  11. Validaciona dokumentacija IQ i OQ

Customer impressions

We accept to create your new packaging line – from the choice of packaging to palletizing

© Automatic line for packaging of fruit brandy – Akov, Kraljevo
© Automatic line for packaging of car cosmetic products – Adeco, Novi Sad
© Filler, capper, installation of decorative cardboard and excise duty – Promont
© Automatska line for packaging oral spray – Replekfarm, Skopje
© Automatic line for packing dialysis solutions – Alkaloid, Skopje
© Automatsko punjenje masti i punjenje kartridža – Modriča, BiH
© Automatic line for packaging motor oil – Modriča, BiH
© Automatic line for liquid microbiological fertilizer – Agrounik
Linija za punjenje, zatvaranje i etiketiranje kanistera – Sika, Šimanovci
Automatska linija za adhezivni građevinski materijal – Sika, Šimanovci
Linijska punilica – Vukochem, Šabac
Automatska linija za pakovanje UHK ulja – Modriča, BiH
Automatska linija za punjenje, zatvaranje i etiketiranje Bohora – Albus
Linija za pakovenje meda u tegle, zatvaranje i etiketiranje – Medino
Linija za kućnu hemiju – Heres, Novi Sad
Linija za punjenje i etiketiranje kućne hemije, Vukochem, Šabac
Linija za punjenje i pakovanje tečnosti –
Automatska linija za punjenje sampona
Linija za punjenje motornog ulja – Adeco, Novi Sad
Linija za pakovanje šampona – Albus, Novi Sad

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